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Our new facility

Unfortunately the number of patients we treat grows every year and our current facility is no longer sufficient. We are now in the process of gradually moving into our new place.

This bigger lot will house a hospital, a daycare building, cages and two big flights. Developing this new site requires money; money for the monthly mortgage and building materials. We have volunteers to help build, but cannot do everything ourselves.

We need an electrician and other hired professionals to

build to code.


As you see, the animals need your help. We can help them,

if you help us. 


We are in need of extra help

Please, consider donating by sending a check or use the secure PayPal button on top of the page (no PayPal account needed). 

You can also help us by donating left-over building materials. If you can’t do either but want to help, call us to see what other help is needed.

Thank you!


Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation

Debbie Souza Pappas, director

PO Box 430

Price, Utah 84501


Phone: (435) 650-3441

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