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Sponsor an animal of your choice

Who doesn't have a favorite? The Golden Eagle, strength combined with elegance., or the cute little Saw Wet Owl.

Here you get the chance to sponsor your favorite animal with your contribution for 6 months or 1 year.

Of course the real costs are much higher than our suggested amounts, but every little bit helps. Feel free to contribute more.

      To give you an idea, an injured Great Horned Owl that stays with us for 8 weeks, costs $600 - $700 in food alone. 

      The cost of veterinary help depends on the kind of injury, but most animals suffer vehicle impact injuries and need an X-ray

     (appr. $90.-), if not surgery as well (surgery on broken bone in wing of Great Horned Owl is appr. $950 - $ 1,200).

Are you a teacher? Maybe your class would love to sponsor an animal of their choice.


To sponsor an animal, here's what you do:

  1. Go to your favorite of the beautiful animals in the pictures below.

  2. We have suggested a number of sponsor options. To support click the donation button.

  3. Follow the instructions on your screen that will guide you through the safe PayPal payment options (no need for a PayPal account).

Sponsor an Owl 

like the Great Horned Owl

Suggested contribution:

12 months for 100.-

6 months for 50.-

Sponsor a small bird

like the Saw Wet Owl

Suggested contribution:

12 months for 70.-

6 months for 35.-

Sponsor an Eagle

like the Golden Eagle

Suggested contribution:

12 months for 100.-

6 months for 50.-

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